Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Things I might want to brew

I'm making this blog entry because I've had a lot of ideas about things I want to brew lately. Comments and suggestions from my loyal readership are most welcome. So let's begin:
  • Quaffing Mead

    The last mead I made was a strong one, lots and lots of honey, champagne yeast and a bit of fruit. The result is very sweet, flat and full flavoured. It's also quite alcoholic. I'd like to make one opposite to this - Around 4-5% so you can drink it in pints, maybe with a small malt component for body and head.

  • Honeyed Cider/Cyser

    Again, a quaffing drink. Take apple juice, add some honey, ferment. Try to come out around 5% but with a good honey aroma.

  • Bochet

    I've only just heard of this but it sounds great to me. Like mead, but you take your honey and boil it hard until it starts to darken and caramelise, then make mead with it for toffee'd honey flavour.

  • Maple Mead

    Mead, but using Maple Syrup instead of honey. Yes, we're heavy on the mead theme in this entry. I have six kilos of honey at home, just burning a hole in my... cupboard... or something.

  • Weird eastern-style beer.

    This is a strange idea, take some elements from South East Asian cooking and make beer with them as flavour additives. Specifically, palm sugar and lemongrass, maybe ginger as well

  • Piggy

    This is a beer from a dream. It was an awesome dream. I don't know anything about the beer other than it being brown. In the dream my friend Dave was wallowing in a hot-tub full of the stuff, in a shipping container, while a couple of us looked on and chanted encouragement. I will be making a batch of ale called "Piggy" sooner or later, and getting a bottle to Dave.

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